What do the Tech Founders in Silicon Valley know that we don’t?

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It’s long been known that the Waldorf Schools in Silicon Valley – which do not allow access to screens AT ALL in primary school, are stuffed with the children of tech founders and that Steve Jobs was a low-tech parent who would not allow his children to use i-pads and severely limited their time on all digital screens.

Today, the New York Times has published an article by its tech and internet culture correspondent Nellie Bowles entitled Silicon Valley Nannies are Phone Police for Kids which might set you pondering whether it was wise to give your child a tablet last Christmas. In it, she describes how the very inventors and manufacturers of the tablets and i-phones that have invaded every corner of the planet make those screens a no-go zone not just for their kids, but also for the nannies who are caring for them to use in front of those kids. Such is the danger, they believe, of their children becoming digitally-addicted. Please do read it and pass it on to your friends.